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Sonia Sanchez
(1934-____) born on
Sep 9
US "poet, playwright, educator". "She is noted for her black activism; "Homecoming," 1969 was her first volume of poetry; she has taught at Rutgers, Amherst and Temple Universities."

"I cannot tell the truth about anything unless I confess being a student, growing and learning something new every day. The more I learn, the clearer my view of the world becomes."

"Poetry is subconscious conversation, it is as much the work of those who understand it and those who make it."
Art . . . reacts to or reflects the culture it springs from.
The joy of poetry is that it will wait for you. Novels don't wait for you. Characters change. But poetry will wait. I think it's the greatest art.
. . . I write to keep in contact with our ancestors and to spread truth to people.


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