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Rosa Parks
(1913-____) born on
Feb 4
US civil rights leader. "Her refusal to give up bus seat to a white man initiated a bus boycott and sparked the civil rights movement; won Spingarn, 1978."

"I believe that we are here on the planet Earth to live, grow up and do what we can to make this world a better place for all people to enjoy freedom."

"Memories of our lives, of our works and our deeds will continue in others."
It was not pre-arranged. It just happened that the driver made and demand and I just didn't feel like obeying his demand . . . I was quite tired after spending a full day working.
"Have you ever been hurt and the place tries to heal a bit, and you just pull the scar off of it over and over again."
"I was determined to achieve the total freedom that our history lessons taught us we were entitled to, no matter what the sacrifice."


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