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Mary Church Terrell
(1863-1954) born on
Sep 23
US social reformer. "She worked to improve women's rights and equality for blacks; first president of National Association of Colored Women, 1896-1904."

"While most girls run away from home to marry, I ran away to teach."

"We are the only human beings in the world with . . . 57 varieties of complexions who are classed together as a single racial unit. Therefore, we are truly colored people, and that is the only name in the English language which accurately describes us."
"To the lack of incentive to effort, which is the awful shadow under which we live, may be traced the wreck and ruin of scores of colored youth."
"Lifting as they climb, onward and upward they go struggling and striving and hoping that the buds and blossoms of their desires may burst into glorious fruition ere long."
"[T]he chasm between the principles upon which this Government was founded, in which it still professes to believe, and those which are daily practiced under the protection of the flag, yawn wide and deep."


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