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Debra Winger
(1955-____) born on
May 16
US actress. "She was an Oscar nominee for "Terms of Endearment," 1983; starred in "Urban Cowboy," 1980; "An Officer and a Gentleman," 1982; & "Shadowlands," 1994."

"I push for what I think can be the best, and if I feel they're not going for the best, it kills me."

I don't believe in careers. I believe in work. I'm not interested in some 'big picture that would be really good for me.'
"I make decisions for my life, not the other way around. Besides, when you have a kid, you must weigh everything against time with your child."
"I was never afraid of failure after that because, I think, coming that close to death you get kissed. With the years, the actual experience of course fades, but the flavor of it doesn't. I just had a real sense of what choice do I have but to live fully?"
I have a thing with the camera. The lens is unconditional. It doesn't judge you.


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