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Ellen Swallow Richards
(1842-1911) born on
Dec 3
US "chemist, ecologist". "Her innovative studies of air, water, food created disciplines of sanitary engineering and home economics; first U.S. woman to earn B.A. in chemistry."

"The environment that people live in is the environment that they learn to live in, respond to, and perpetuate. If the environment is good, so be it. But if it is poor, so is the quality of life within it."

The Faculty [of Vassar] do not consider it a mere experiment any longer that girls can be educated as well as boys.
I hope that I am winning a way which others will keep open.
"I am really astonished at the amount of work we do. The only trouble here, they wont [sic] let us study enough. I think few men in college do as much as we do here."
"They are so afraid we shall break down, and you know the reputation of the college is at stake, for the question is, can girls get a college degree without injuring their health."


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