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Mary Steichen Calderone
(1904-1998) born on
Jul 1
US "physician, author". "She wrote several books including "Talking With Your Child About Sex.""

"Before the child ever gets to school it will have received crucial, almost irrevocable sex education and this will have been taught by the parents, who are not aware of what they are doing."

"We are still a sexophobic society, afraid of the wrong things for the wrong reasons."
I truly feel that there are as many ways of loving as there are people in the world and as there are days in the lives of those people.
"Our children are not going to be just "our children" they are going to be other people's husbands and wives and the parents of our grandchildren."
I don't want to control anybody's mind or anybody's heart -- I just want to help free people from the concert of sex as evil instead of a gift from God.


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