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Colette Dowling
(1938-____) born on
US writer.

"Here it was -- the Cinderella Complex. It used to hit girls of sixteen or seventeen, preventing them, often, from going to college, hastening them into early marriages."

"Now [the Cinderella Complex] tends to hit women after college . . . . When the first thrill of freedom subsides and anxiety rises to take its place, they begin to be tugged by that old yearning for safety; the wish to be saved."
"The woman who has sprung free has emotional mobility. She is able to move toward the things that are satisfying to her and away from those that are not. She is free, also, to succeed."
"Relationships are like a dance, with visible energy racing back and forth between partners. Some relationships are the slow, dark dance of death."
"I tell you, the great divide is still with us, the awful split, the Us and Them. Like a rubber band tautened to the snapping point, the polarization of the sexes continues, because we lack the courage to face our likenesses and admit to our real need."


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