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Lynn Fontanne
(1887-1983) born on
Dec 6
US actress. "She formed, with husband Alfred Lunt, one of the great stage duos: "O Mistress Mine," 1946 and "The Visit," 1960."

"Warm the pot first, please, then put two heaping teaspoonfuls in the pot no bags in boiling water, and when it's in, stir it. And when it comes here, I will stir it again."

"We can be bought, but we can't be bored."
"I lied to everybody. I lie very well, being an actress, naturally."
"When I am on a stage, I am the focus of thousands of eyes and it gives me strength. I feel that something, some energy, is flowing from the audience into me. I actually feel stronger because of these waves."
"One reason we lasted so long is that we usually played two people who were very much in love. As we were realistic actors, we became those two people. So we had a divertissement: I had an affair with him, and he with me."


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