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Eliza Wood Burhans Farnham
(1815-1864) born on
Nov 17
US "social reformer, lecturer". "She was head of the women's department of Sing-Sing, 1840s; instituted penal reforms."

"[The] legitimate office [of the human face] is to perfect the life, a legible language to those who will study it, of the majestic mistress, the soul."

"The ultimate aim of the human mind, in all its efforts, is to become acquainted with Truth."
"Each of the Arts whose office is to refine, purify, adorn, embellish and grace life is under the patronage of a Muse, no god being found worthy to preside over them."
"The human face is the organic seat of beauty. . . . It is the register of value in development, a record of Experience . . ."
"Our own theological Church, as we know, has scorned and vilified the body till it has seemed almost a reproach and a shame to have one, yet at the same time has credited it with power to drag the soul to perdition."


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