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Eleanor Robson Belmont
(1879-1979) born on
Dec 13
English-US "actor, writer, nurse". "She founded the Metropolitan Opera Guild; associated with Red Cross for over 25 years; wrote play "Major Barbara" based on her life."

"I was trained by my husband. He said, "If you want a thing done go. If not send." I belong to that group of people who move the piano themselves."

A private railroad car is not an acquired taste. One takes to it immediately.
An actor rides in a bus or railroad train; he sees a movement and applies it to a new role. The whole garment in which the actor hides himself is made of small externals of observation fitted to his conception of a role.
"A woman in agony of spirit might turn her head just so; a man in deep humiliation probably would wring his hands in such a way. From straws like these, drawn from completely different sources, the fabric of a character may be built."
"In retrospect, the past seems not one existence with a continuous flow of years and events that follow each other in logical sequence, but a life periodically dividing into entirely separate compartments. Change of surroundings, interests, pursuits, has "


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