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Peg Bracken
(1918-____) born on
US cookbook author. "She is best known for "The Compleat I Hate to Cook Book," 1977."

It's easier to find a traveling companion than to get rid of one.

"The fact is, the cocktail party has much in its favor. Going to one is a good way of indicating that you're still alive and about, if such is the case, and that you're glad other people are, without having to spend an entire evening proving it."
"When there's a lot of it around, you never want it very much."
Why does a slight tax increase cost you $200 and a substantial tax cut save you 30 cents?
"This wild emaciated look appeals to some women, though not to many men, who are seldom seen pinning up a "Vogue" illustration in a machine shop."


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