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Nelly Sachs
(1891-1970) born on
Dec 10
German "poet, dramatist". "She was transformed by the Nazi experience from dilettante into poignant spokesman for the grief of fellow Jews; won Nobel Prize for Literature, 1966."

"Here and there the lantern of compassion
can be shown to the fish,
where the fishhook is swallowed
or suffocation practiced."

"You, the inexperienced, who learn nothing in the nights.
Many angels are given you
But you do not see them."
Bewitched is half of everything.
"When sleep leaves the body like smoke and man, sated with secrets, drives the overworked nag of quarrel out of its stall, then the fire-breathing union begins anew . . ."
O the chimneys
On the ingeniously devised habitations of death
When Israel's body drifted as smoke
Through the air.


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