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Taylor Caldwell
(1900-1985) born on
Aug 7
English novelist. "Her works include "The Sound of Thunder," 1957; "Testimony of Two Men," 1968 and "The Captains and the Kings," 1972."

"Learning . . . should be a joy and full of excitement. It is life's greatest adventure; it is an illustrated excursion into the mind of noble and learned men, not a conducted tour through a jail."

"Contrary to general opinion, women are not so sentimental as men, but are much more hardheaded."
"But what was a body? Dust, dung, urine, itches. It was the light within which was important, and it was not significant if that light endured after death, or if the soul was blinded eternally in the endless night of the suspired flesh."
""He that hath no rule over his own spirit is like a city that is broken down and without walls.""
""Honest men live on charity in their age; the alm houses are full of men who never stole a copper penny. Honest men are the fools and the saints, and you and I are neither.""


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