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M. F. K. Fisher
(1908-1992) born on
Jul 3
US "culinary expert, author". "She was best known for her writings on basic human needs, especially food: "The Art of Eating," 1954."

"When a man is small, he loves and hates food with a ferocity which soon dims. But at six years old his very bowels will heave when such a dish as creamed carrots or cold tapioca appears before him."

"When I write of hunger, I am really writing about love and the hunger for it, and warmth and the love of it . . . and it is all one."
"For anyone addicted to reading commonplace books . . . finding a good new one is much like enduring a familiar recurrence of malaria, with fever, fits of shaking, strange dreams . . . ."
". . . gastronomical perfection can be reached in these combinations: one person dining alone, usually upon a couch or a hill side; two people, of no matter what sex or age, dining in a good restaurant; six people . . . dining in a good home."
"Central heating, French rubber goods, and cookbooks are three amazing proofs of man's ingenuity in transforming necessity into art, and of these, cookbooks are perhaps most lastingly delightful."


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