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(1926-1981) born on
Feb 16
US actress. "She was the only woman dancer to be considered the peer of both Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly; starred in "White Christmas," 1954."

""Getting involved is so, so . . . involving.""

""I'm not exactly repulsive.""
""Well, you're not exactly Superman, but you're awfully available.""
""What does it matter? They're both famous.""
""You know, in some ways you're far superior to my cocker spaniel." [Danny Kaye to Vera-Ellen]"


Published Sources for the above Quotations:
F:  "As Ivy Smith ('Miss Turnstiles') in "On the Town," 1949."
R: "As Judy Haynes in "White Christmas," 1954."
A: "On pretending to get engaged to Phil Davis (Danny Kaye) in "White Christmas," 1954."
N: "As Judy Haynes, discussing which member of the team of Wallace and Davis (Crosby and Kaye) will be romatically interested in Rosemary; in "White Christmas," 1954."
K: "Kaye, after kissing Vera-Ellen in "White Christmas," 1954."

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