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Martha Wright Griffiths
(1912-____) born on
Jan 29
US politician. "She was a Congresswoman from Michigan 1955-1975, best known for adding sex discrimination as a prohibited act in the 1962 Civil Rights Act."

"It is a different world and they [the Supreme Court] should speak for justice, not prejudice.... I seek justice, not in some distant tomorrow, not in some study commission, but now while I Iive."

"This amendment [the Equal Rights Amendment], if passed, would be like a beacon which should awaken nine sleeping Rip Van Winkles to the fact that the twentieth century is passing into history."
"If you are trying to run a whorehouse in the sky, then get a license."
"My grandmother wanted to live long enough to vote for a woman president. I'll be satisfied if I live to see a woman go before the Supreme Court and hear the justices acknowledge, "Gentlemen, she's human. She deserves the protection of our laws.""
The biggest problem in politics is that you help some S.O.B. get what he wants and then he throws you out of the train.


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