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Helen Lawrenson
(1904-1982) born on
Oct 1
US editor. "She knew everyone, gossiped mercilessly wrote about it in "Stranger At The Party: A Memoir," 1975."

"They are a curious mixture of Spanish tradition, American imitation, and insular limitation. This explains why they never catch on to themselves."

"These are the beautiful people, who, befitting their rank as gods and goddesses of a powerful modern mythology, lead beautiful lives in beautiful houses, attired in beautiful clothes and, ostensibly, thinking only beautiful thoughts."
Most of today's film actress are typical of a mass-production age: living dolls who look as if they came off an assembly line . . .
"[Their] uniformity of appearance is frequently a triumph of modern science, thanks to which they can be equipped with identical noses, breast, teeth, and hair."
"A skirt is no obstacle to extemporaneous sex, but it is physically impossible to make love to a girl while she is wearing trousers."


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