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Bernadette Devlin
(1947-____) born on
Apr 23
Irish politician. "She was elected as the youngest member of the British House of Commons, 1969-1974; founding member of Irish Republican Socialist Party, 1975."

"I went to a very militantly Republican grammar school and, under its influence, began to revolt against the Establishment, on the simple rule of thumb, highly satisfying to a ten-year-old, that Irish equals good, English equals bad."

Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win.
It wasn't long before people discovered the final horrors of letting an urchin into Parliament.
"To gain that which is worth having, it may be necessary to lose everything else."
"Among the best traitors Ireland has ever had, Mother Church ranks at the very top, a massive obstacle in the path to equality and freedom. She has been a force for conservatism . . . to ward off threats to her own security and influence."


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