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Dorothy Uhnak
(1933-____) born on
US "novelist, writer". "Her shoot-from-the-hip memoir, "Police Woman," blew the lid off the NYPD, recounting her decade as one of New York City's first female detectives."

"It's funny how your initial approach to a person can determine your feelings toward them, no matter what facts develop later on."

""There weren't many unusual events to clutter up her memory, so she hung on to the ones she had.""
""I like to deliver more than I promise instead of the other way around. Which is just one of my many trade secrets.""
""He maintained that the case was lost or won by the time the final juror had been sworn in; his summation was set in his mind before the first witness was called.""
""It was all in the orchestration, he claimed: in knowing how and where to pitch each and every particular argument; who to intimidate; who to trust, who to flatter and court; when to underplay and exactly when to let out all the stops.""


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