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Gail Sheehy
(1937-____) born on
Nov 27
US "writer, journalist, editor". "She is best known for "Pathfinders: Predictable Crises of Adult Life," 1976."

"It is a paradox that as we reach out prime, we also see there is a place where it finishes."

Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties.
The secret of a leader lies in the tests he has faced over the whole course of his life and the habit of action he develops in meeting those tests.
"With each passage of human growth we must shed a protective structure [like a hardy crustacean]. We are left exposed and vulnerable - but also yeasty and embryonic again, capable of stretching in ways we hadn't known before."
"With the only certainty in our daily existence being change, and a rate of change growing always faster in a kind of technological leapfrog game, speed helps people think they are keeping up."


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