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Nannie Burroughs
(1879-1961) born on
May 2
US educator. She founded the National Training School for Girls; and was a frequent contributor to the press.

"What we need are mental and spiritual giants who are aflame with a purpose . . . We're a race ready for crusade, for we've recognized that we're a race on this continent that can work out its own salvation."

"When the Negro learns what manner of man he is spiritually, he will wake up all over. He will stop playing white even on the stage. He will rise in the majesty of his own soul."
We specialize in the wholly impossible.
"Don't wait for deliverers.... I like that quotation, "Moses, my servant, is dead. Therefore, arise and go over Jordan." There are no deliverers. They're all dead. We must arise and go over Jordan. We can take the promised land."
To struggle and battle and overcome and absolutely defeat every force designed against us is the only way to achieve.


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