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Charlotte Forten Grimke
(1837-1914) born on
Aug 17
US "educator, diarist". "She became the first black teacher to ex-slaves and began her "bequest to humanity," a detailed journal of the Civil War era, published in 1953."

"May those whose holy task it is,/To guide impulsive youth,
Fail not to cherish in their souls
A reverence for truth;
For teachings which the lips impart
Must have their source within the heart . . ."

"Provoking, isn't it? that when one is most in need of sensible words, one finds them not."
"Ah, what a grand, glorious day this has been. The dawn of freedom which it heralds may not break upon us at once; but it will surely come, and sooner, I believe, than we have ever dared hope before . . ."
"Let me not forget again that I came not here for friendly sympathy or for anything else but to work, and to work hard. Let me do that faithfully and well."
I wonder that every colored person is not a misanthrope. Surely we have everything to make us hate mankind.


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