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Ma Rainey
(1886-1939) born on
Apr 26
US blues singer. "The "Mother of the Blues," was the first great black professional blues vocalist; she played vaudeville and established a recording career, 1920s."

If you don't like my ocean don't fish in my sea
Stay out of my valley and let my mountain be.

"You see me ravin', you hear me crying,
Of Lawd, this lonely heart of maine,
Sometimes I'm grieving from my hat down to my shoes.
I'm a goodhearted woman that's a slave to the blues."
"White folks hear the blues come out, but they don't know how it got there."
You ll never miss the sunshine till the rain begin to fall
Never miss the sunshine till the rain begin to fall
You'll never miss your hay till another mule be in your stall.
"My audience wants to see me beautifully gowned, and I have spared no expense or pains . . . For I feel that the best is none too good for the public that pays to hear a singer."


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