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Louise Erdrich
(1954-____) born on
Jul 6
US-American Indian "Chippewa writer, poet". "She wrote "Where I Ought to Be," 1985."

"For a short while, our mothers bodies are the boundaries and personal geography which are all that we know of the world. Once we no longer live beneath our mother's heart, it's the earth with which we form the same dependent relationship."

"His thoughts swam between us, hidden under rocks, disappearing in weeds, and I was fishing for them, dangling my own words like baits and lures."
"I think a title is like a magnet. It begins to draw these scraps of experience or conversation or memory to it. Eventually, it collects a book."
"Here I am, where I ought to be. A writer must have a place where he or she feels this, a place to love and be irritated with."
They were so strong in their beliefs that there came a time when it hardly mattered what exactly those beliefs were; they all fused into a single stubbornness.


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